Tucker Carlson Accuses Michael Bloomberg of Empowering Communist China

Fox News host Tucker called out 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg and other American leaders for enabling the rise of China on his show on February 18, 2020.

Carlson cites outsourcing, rising housing prices in coastal cities, and the opioid epidemic as some of the major problems afflicting America at the moment.

In his view, all of these problems are linked.

He noted the following:

Those jobs that were outsourced, they went to China. Those rising home prices, all-cash Chinese buyers are a major contributor to that, though it’s almost never said out loud. Fentanyl – made in China with the knowledge and tacit approval of the Chinese Communist Party.

Carlson asserted that “China is no longer simply an economic rival of the United States; it’s becoming a dangerous enemy.”

Instead of protecting Americans from China, Carlson argues that political elites try to embrace it.

He called attention to the NBA’s tepid response against Chinese censorship and NBA star Lebron James’s cowardly defense of Chinese interests.

For Tucker, it’s all about making money.

Since China joined the World Trade Organization in the late 90s, trade has boomed between the two countries.

However, it has come with numerous unintended consequences.

One of those being increased corporate espionage.

Tucker alluded to the recent case of Harvard professor Charlies Lieber and his arrest for not disclosing his work with China.

Universities like Harvard and Yale are currently under investigation for hiding hundreds of millions in donations from countries such as China and Saudi Arabia.

Carlson went to say that “China didn’t just one day magically overtake us. Our leaders made that possible. They abetted it. They profited from it. They betrayed us.”

The conservative commentator highlighted how 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has been an apologist for China’s authoritarian regime.

In an interview with the host of PBS’s “Firing Line”, Margaret Hoover, Bloomberg defended Chinese strongman Xi Jinping.

Michael Bloomberg: The Communist Party wants to stay in power in China, and they listen to the public. When the public says I can’t breathe the air – Xi Jinping is not a dictator – he has to satisfy his constituents, so he’s not going to survive.

Margaret Hoover, host of PBS’ “Firing Line”: He is not a dictator?

Bloomberg: No, he has – he has a constituency to answer to.

Bloomberg’s company has made strategic investments in the country, which has influenced how Bloomberg News covers China.

According to certain reports, Bloomberg News was allegedly scrapping stories that would have exposed the corruption of Xi’s family members.

The Fox news host concluded with the following statement:

The saddest and most infuriating part is that none of this needed to happen in the first place. China didn’t just one day magically overtake us. Our leaders made that possible. They abetted it. They profited from it. They betrayed us.

Carlson has established himself as the leading populist voice in America.

Unlike other commentators, he will attack sacred cows like China and go after political elites who betray American interests for short-term profits.

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