Tucker Carlson: Biden Getting Covid Steps On Vaccine Message

Yesterday, the White House announced that President Joe Biden tested positive for Covid-19.

According to the statement from Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden tested negative on Tuesday so it doesn’t seem likely he spread the disease during his visit to the middle east.

But it doesn’t seem like the WH cares all that much about getting answers for where Biden contracted the virus. Which is enormously hypocritical considering these are the same people that tried to mandate vaccines and implement contract tracing to “shut down the virus.”

Of course, it was never about shutting down the virus – it was always about gaining control. And “double vaxxed, double boosted” Biden getting Covid-19 is nothing but damaging to the Democrat fear-mongering midterm message.

Not to mention it goes directly against statements the President made just one year ago about the vaccines and their ability to prevent people from getting the virus – WATCH:

During the Thursday night airing of his show, Tucker Carlson said that the White House is “genuinely upset” by the President’s Covid, but “not because they’re worried about Joe Biden’s health.”

Instead, as he would go on to explain, “what they’re upset about is the fact that Joe Biden just stepped on their message and from day one, that message has been consistent and unrelenting: ‘Get the vaccine or else.'”

“Get the vaccine or you can’t have a job or an organ transplant or Thanksgiving with your kids,” the Fox News host continued. “Get the vax or you can’t visit your mom as she dies in the hospital. Get the vax, prole. It’s the most important thing that you can do and you’re a monster if you don’t.”

Adding to Carlson’s point, remember when Biden declared that this was a pandemic of the unvaccinated? And remember when he said back in July that the Delta variant was “much more transmissible and more deadly in terms of non-unvaccinated people?”

Biden contracting Covid-19 goes directly against the mainstream media and CDC narrative. It should enrage Americans who have been complying with the White House and its tyrannical policies because it exposes the lies they have been spewing for years.

As Carlson shared, these are the same people who want universal masking at schools and mandated vaccines for children as young as 5 years old. These are also the same Covid geniuses that want Americans to scan QR codes for contact tracing purposes, and who recommend isolation after getting symptoms.

All that makes Karine Jean-Pierre’s comments on Biden and his whereabouts all the more frustrating. “I don’t think that matters,” she shamelessly said in response to being asked how Joe Biden got the virus.

That statement right there is all you need to know. Rules for thee, but not for me.

Remember how the corporate press treated Trump when he got Covid?

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