VIDEO: Tucker Carlson DEMOLISHES Neocon Noah Rothman On Syria

Another night, another bloodbath by Tucker Carlson. As we are all used to, Carlson invited someone who walked right into the buzzsaw, but this time it was a warmongering neocon who wants us to start a new Iraq War in Syria.

Noah Rothman, who hasn’t heard of a war didn’t want other people to fight, is associate editor of Commentary Magazine. The publication describes themselves as “America‚Äôs premier monthly magazine of opinion and a pivotal voice in American intellectual life.” You might have been able to hear my eyes rolling as I typed that out.

Of course, this means Rothman is one of the special ones. An arbiter of truth. A beacon of high level thinking that folks like you and me can only beg to hear insight from. He’s really really smart, just ask him.

But like all members of the political intelligentsia, Rothman stepped into the ring with Tucker Carlson throughly unprepared and got KOed pretty quickly.

But enough blabbering, on with the verbal beating laid down by Tucker Carlson.

You can watch the whole ass whipping interview below. Enjoy!

[bc_video video_id=”5769031629001″ account_id=”5766826440001″ player_id=”default” embed=”in-page” padding_top=”56%” autoplay=”” min_width=”0px” max_width=”640px” width=”100%” height=”100%”]


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