Tucker Carlson Destroys Neocon Lindsey Graham Over His Warmongering Against Russia

Fox News host Tucker Carlson destroyed neoconservative Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) over his failed foreign policy record and his jingoistic rhetoric regarding the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

“It’s a little galling to be lectured by people with impossibly generous Congressional pensions about sacrifices that you get to make, but it’s especially infuriating to hear the last guy who is speaking about food prices that has skipped very few meals recently tell you that looking at history, informs you of everything you need to know about the future. Really, what sort of history we are talking about?” Carlson asked.

Carlson brought up the humiliating disastrous loss in Afghanistan in order to discredit Graham’s preferred foreign policy of all-out intervention.

“Did Lindsey Graham, who supposedly cares about the military, do a single thing to improve it? Did he call for the resignation of any person responsible for that humiliating disaster that resulted in the deaths of American citizens? No, he didn’t. And those same people are now in charge of our strategy in Ukraine,” he said.

Carlson noted that the foreign policy establishment that is uniting around Ukraine and agitating for blowback against Russia has been wrong about everything for a great many years.

“But the bigger question, really, for Lindsey Graham is – When is the last time he did anything, one thing, to improve the life of an American citizen other than himself?” Carlson asked.

The entire clip can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on President Trump turning on Graham for his frequent RINO positions on the issues:

President Donald Trump fired back at Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) during an interview with NewsMax TV on Tuesday night.

Graham has recently gone on the fake news media and offered a host of terrible opinions, from supporting Biden’s affirmative action choice for Supreme Court to supporting the cruel and unusual detention of Jan. 6 protesters. Trump has finally had enough with the dainty southern neocon.

“Lindsey Graham’s wrong. I mean, Lindsey is a nice guy, but he’s a RINO. Lindsey’s wrong,” Trump said before talking about the nationwide rein of terror from Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA that was allowed with near total impunity.

“Don’t forget, with the exception of one young, fine woman, nobody died on Jan. 6… The one person who died was Ashli Babbitt, she was killed by a ruthless man that never should have used his gun to shoot her. She was killed, and I think it’s a disgrace,” he continued.

“What they’ve done to these, who are in many cases patriots, they’re soldiers, they’re policemen, what they’ve done to them, compared to what they’ve done to the other side. You know, you need to have equal justice, and this isn’t equal. So I would absolutely be prepared [to pardon Jan. 6 protesters], and Lindsey Graham doesn’t know what they hell he’s talking about,” Trump added.

Carlson is leading the conservative grassroots in the right direction. Lindsey Graham is the worst that the GOP has to offer.

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