Tucker Carlson Exposes Republican Pollster Frank Luntz as Oxycontin Shill and Liberal Hack

Fox News host Tucker Carlson hit the Republican Party for relying on discredited pollster Frank Luntz to understand the desires of the voting public.

“Year after year on issue after issue, the leadership of the Republican party fails to represent its voters, and we’re not guessing about that,” Carlson said.

He made it clear that Trump was elected because the GOP establishment was out of touch, but they have learned no lessons about why this happened.

“Luntz…is the Republican Party’s longest serving message man. For decades, Frank Luntz has told elected Republicans what to say and precisely how to say it. Luntz massages language for politicians,” Carlson said.

Carlson noted that Congressional Republicans invited Luntz to their recent retreat to receive his advice yet again on messaging.

“The problem with Frank Luntz is that his personal views are very different from those of your average Republican voter. Frank Luntz is a conventional liberal. His main clients are left-wing corporations like Google. When Frank Luntz gives advice to conventional Republicans, he has Google’s perspective in mind,” he said.

Carlson explained Luntz’s ties to Big Pharma, shilling for oxycontin at a time when Purdue Pharma was deceiving the masses and creating an opioid crisis that America still has not recovered from.

“In 2003, as the opioid epidemic devastates entire regions of the United States, Frank Luntz encouraged people to take more oxycontin,” Carlson said.

Carlson brought up a damning old quote from a Luntz appearance on PBS in which he admitted to being a Big Pharma shill.

“I am a proponent of the pharmaceutical industry. I believe in these heart medications and these anti-cancer drugs. I’m a supporter of a very famous medication right now, OxyContin, because I think this is a miracle drug which allows people to get through the day,” Luntz said.

“I believe that there are things worth fighting for,” the left-wing pollster said about the addictive drugs produced by his corporate client.

Carlson noted that Luntz has been cited in lawsuits for allegedly helping Purdue Pharma devise ways to blame victims who had fallen into addiction to deflect blame from their aggressive and often deceitful advertising campaigns.

“So your 19-year-old just died of a drug O.D. after Purdue Pharma flooded your town with addictive narcotics, but stop complaining, it’s her fault she died! It’s about personal responsibility,” Carlson said, highlighting the disgusting and cruel implications of Luntz’s alleged strategy.

Carlson’s clips exposing Luntz can be seen here:

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