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Tucker Carlson Interviews RFK Jr. About Vaccines



Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson interviewed vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on his show. Carlson also recently featured a segment with commentator Kennedy that mentioned the movie “Vaxxed.”

This is a major step forward into the mainstream for the community of parents who feel that vaccines caused their childrens’ autism.

The vaccine-skeptic community is benefiting from a documentary called “Vaxxed,” directed by Andrew Wakefield, who attended President Trump’s inauguration alongside Dr. Gary Kompothecras, who has been one of the most tireless advocates for reform at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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Kennedy Jr. met with Trump when he was president-elect, and Komopothecras also met with Trump when he was a candidate. The Trump administration has signaled that it is finally willing to take on the big pharmaceutical lobby in Washington, though it remains unclear how far the administration is willing to go to do it.

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Biden COVID Advisor Paid to Sponsor Mask Brand Claimed Product “Deactivates” Coronavirus

This could represent a serious ethics violation.



An incoming Biden White House coronavirus advisor promoted a brand of mask he claims “deactivates” coronavirus, claiming on his personal podcast that Livinguard masks offer more protection to their wearers than other products.

All masks can curb the spread of COVID-19. Why I like the Livinguard masks, and why I wear them, is because they actually deactivate coronavirus thanks to their incredible patented technology that’s been shown to mitigate the spread of microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

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Slavitt confirmed that Livinguard is a “sponsor” to him, in some capacity.

Livinguard masks can be washed and reused, and they sell for as much as $30 on the company’s website. Various manufacturers of facemasks have made claims of health superiority as it pertains to their product.

Slavitt’s claim about the masks is not evaluated by the FDA, and the questionable nature of his claims could potentially incur the scrutiny of the health organization.

The former Obama administration official’s claim that the masks “deactivate” COVID is highly questionable. Experts generally agree that masks are more effective at preventing asymptomatic carriers from spreading the virus than they are in protecting the wearer from it, and Slavitt’s language implies the material of the mask is more effective in neutralizing COVID molecules than other fabric and cloth surfaces. Such a claim would represent a dramatic development in the fight against COVID, and it’s very likely the material would be adopted en masse to deter further spread of the disease.

Is Biden’s incoming coronavirus advisor a for-profit snake oil salesman?

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