Tucker Carlson Locking Down Fox News as Network Announces His THIRD Show Format

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson announced Wednesday he’d begin hosting a daily show three weekdays a week on Fox, which he’d host in addition to Tucker Carlson Tonight. Tucker Carlson Today will air on Fox Nation, a subscription service of the network.

Tucker’s presence on the channel may surpass that of any cable news personality in recent history, with Carlson now hosting three different shows within the Fox universe. Sources within Fox News have confirmed to Big League Politics that Tucker’s long-term position at the network is essentially locked in, with the populist commentator immunized to cancel campaigns from in-house leftists employed by the network.

The new show format follows just weeks after Tucker announced that he’d be hosting a new longform-style investigation format show on Fox Nation called Tucker Carlson Originals. Tucker Carlson Today will utilize more of a podcast format, while Tucker Carlson Originals will hone in investigative journalism regarding singular topics.

Carlson has emerged as President Joe Biden’s most prominent critic, retaining a nightly television audience that other show hosts have lost in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s reality-show presence in the White House. He’s proved one of the only public figures willing to confront and call out the Democratic Party’s systemic bias against White Americans in the early days of Biden’s presidency, regularly skewering Democrat prejudice and double standards in scathing segments.

With Tucker seizing the mantle in criticizing Biden’s liberal-globalist vision of establishment governance, leading Republicans wary of the strength of the same old Conservative Inc. routine have suggested he’d be a potent and charismatic 2024 presidential candidate.

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