Tucker Carlson Plans Documentary on UFC’s Dana White Showcasing How He Safely and Successfully Promoted Fights Amidst COVID Pandemic

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is planning a documentary on the UFC’s Dana White, lionizing the fight promoter for refusing to buckle to COVID-19 hysteria during the pandemic.

While most entertainment moguls folded immediately, White continued to provide fights and refused to take money out of the pockets of UFC employees and fighters. For standing strong for freedom, White was demonized by the fake news media and the media establishment.

“I took a lot of heat, took a lot of bullets, took a lot of criticism,” White said during an interview with Carlson on his eponymous primetime show. “That’s what the media does. They never built anything, nobody depends on them for a paycheck, but all they do is sit back in criticize. ‘I’m going to kill people, I care more about money than I do human life.’ I heard it all. And the New York Times, as you can imagine, was blasting me daily.”

The interview between Carlson and White can be seen here:

Big League Politics reported on White emerging as an American hero during the pandemic, embodying the American spirit that refuses to be bullied into submission by tyrants:

UFC President Dana White received a tremendous amount of flak for refusing to cancel shows throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and now he’s rubbing it in the faces of the critics.

White posted a video last week along with a caption to inspire fans whose lives may have been severely impacted by the pandemic and lockdown restrictions pushed with help of media-generated hysteria.

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