Tucker Carlson Pushes Texas Governor Greg Abbott to Take Stronger Measures at the Southern Border

On December 21, 2022, Fox News host Tucker Carlson pushed Governor Greg Abbott to reveal what his government is doing to protect the border. This comes at a time when the federal government is doing nothing as the border is being Zerg Rushed by illegal alien invaders.

During his nightly show, Carlson highlighted how Abbott won his re-election bid by campaigning on a strong border security policy. In his platform, Abbott called for the deployment of thousands of National Guard troops to curb illegal immigration. 

Carlson also called attention to how Abbott recently sent National Guard troops to the border. Abbott claims that these troops apprehended illegal alien invaders before federal Border Patrol agents got their hands on them and released them into the US interior. 

The Fox News host then pressed Abbott on why he hasn’t sent sufficient forces to the border to fill in the void that the Biden regime has left when it comes to border enforcement. 

Abbott emphasized that the Biden regime is responsible for the border collapse. He noted that the border situation could be rectified if Congress re-allocated 1% of its Ukraine aid to border security.

On his state’s response to the border specifically, Abbott said he has long illustrated with photographs how fervently the Texas National Guard is defending its state’s sovereignty.

“During the entire time that Joe Biden has been president, we’ve had thousands of National Guard on the border constantly,” Abbott said with respect to Texas’ efforts to secure the border.

“First, let’s do the math based upon what you laid out,” he said to Carlson. “We actually don’t have 19,000 National Guard at our disposal. The reason is because Texas leads all states in the country in having our National Guard deployed to regions across the entire world, and so thousands of our National Guard are actually in other countries at this time.”

Abbott asserted that the Texas State government’s Operation Lone Star has sent roughly 10,000 National Guard units to the border.

Carlson subsequently asked Abbott if his prior remark concerning foreign deployments was a form of bragging.

Abbott defended his statement by pointing out how Texans are deployed both domestically and globally. Carlson then asked if it would be better to deploy those foreign-stationed units to the border than to foreign nations. 

Abbott stressed how his government has deployed up to 10,000 National Guard units to the border.

“We are constantly involved in adding to those who can serve us on the border, and they get special training that is different [as to] what they have to do in the state of Texas compared to what they may do in Afghanistan,” Abbott remarked. 

The Texas Governor concluded the segment by saying that the Texas state government is the only government body that is trying to secure the border.

Carlson’s pressing inquiries are absolutely called for here. Republicans are notorious for using performance political measures and publicity stunts to pretend they’re doing something when faced with real political crises. 

When it comes to immigration, this is one crisis that’s existential in nature. If we don’t get it right, we lose our country. For that reason, Republicans must be held accountable for dragging their feet on critical immigration measures. Legislative mediocrity can no longer be tolerated in this moment of crisis.

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