Tucker Carlson Reigned Supreme on Friday as Mueller Report Story Broke

Tucker Carlson continues to reign supreme in the cable news ratings as his show was the most viewed cable news program on Friday night, the same night the highly anticipated report from special counsel Robert Mueller was released to Attorney General Bill Barr.

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson continued to sit on his perch at the top of the cable news ratings on Friday night, beating Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and Sean Hannity on his own network in the competition for viewership.

All cable news coverage appeared to be buoyed by the breaking news, with Fox News seeming to receive the largest boost.

According to Adweek, Carlson had nearly 3.2 million viewers during his nightly program, beating Hannity’s 3.1 million and Maddow’s 2.9 million.

While Maddow repeated the left wing media’s new “Mueller’s report isn’t the end, it’s the end of the beginning” mantra on her show, and Hannity continued to over promise and under deliver on the content of his, Carlson used the vindication to suggest President Donald J. Trump pardon his former campaign manager and long time confidant, Roger Stone.

Big League Politics reported:

The two-year probe, which has amounted to exactly nothing, proved to be tremendously damaging to many individuals associated with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Tucker Carlson called for that injustice to be remedied on Friday, calling for a full presidential pardon for the individuals who had been indicted by Mueller for nominally lying to Congress. Roger Stone is one such individual, having been charged by Mueller with making false statements.

All of Mueller’s indictments — with the singular exception of Paul Manafort, who was charged with corrupt dealings related to laundering payments from a Ukrainian political party in the mid 2000’s — were process violations.

It would be fitting for President Trump to provide a presidential pardon to Stone, having been charged by a probe shown to have no legitimate target, Carlson argues.

With Carlson ready to take a tough stance on protecting those who were charged and unfairly smeared during the Mueller investigation, perhaps it should be no wonder why more viewers tune into his program night after night.

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