Tucker Carlson Roasts US Ambassador to Hungary at Speech in Budapest

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized the conduct of the United States Ambassador to Hungary, David Pressman, during a speech on August 25, 2023  at MCC Feszt in Budapest.

The Daily Caller co-founder declared in front of a Hungarian audience that Pressman’s behavior was “disgusting” and “inexcusable” in a 27-minute video that he published on his Twitter account.

“The world is realigning at high speed, and turning against the United States. But the Biden Administration is spending its time harassing one of our last sincere allies in Europe, Hungary, for the crime of being too Christian,” Carlson proclaimed. 

Carlson paid a visit to Hungary for the second time, in which he said that Pressman “hates Hungary” and stressed that “they hate it not because of what it’s done, but because it is “one of the last countries that identifies as a nation built on Christian precepts.”

Carlson likened Hungary’s population to “America circa 1985.” He described it as “people [who] disagree, but they’re not on the verge of shooting each other.”

“This is not an expansionist power. This is not a power that’s crushing weaker nations with sanctions. This is not a power that’s exporting something ugly to the rest of the world,” Carlson remarked. “This is a country concerned with its own safety and prosperity. That’s — in the words that you used to hear a lot in the United States — a country that’s minding its own business.”

Carlson proclaimed that US policymakers “hate Russia” due to how it’s also a Christian nation. He made it clear that he is “not a fan of Russia,” saying in jest that he “wouldn’t admit it to a Hungarian audience” if he was.

“When I hear Orbán described as a Putin suck-up, I think, ‘really?’” Carlson stated. “That image of Orbán being pushed against a police car with a baton to his neck by Soviet-backed policemen comes to mind. Yeah, he’s probably not pro-Russia. Just guessing.”

Carlson is expected to release an interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on his Twitter account in the next few days. 

Hungary is clearly the most rational state in the European Union (EU)/ North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) bloc. Its commitment to family values, foreign policy restraint, and immigration restriction has made it tons of enemies in the Collective West’s ruling class. Pressman is chief among them.

He is effectively acting as an agent of the US national security state and is doing everything possible to overthrow the Orban regime. Press man’s behavior should be condemned by any reasonable Western leader. 


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