Tucker Carlson Slams Republican Party’s Fecklessness During National Riots and Hysteria

Tucker Carlson slammed the Republican Party for its fecklessness over the national race riots following the death of George Floyd, pointing out that the nominally conservative party had largely stood by quietly and figuratively twiddled its thumbs as rioters and looters cause tens of deaths and inflict tens of millions of dollars in serious property damages on small businesses in the nation’s major cities.

Prominent national Republican officials have continued to merely ignore the riots, speaking only on the matter of Floyd’s death(which the justice system is already addressing with criminal charges) without condemning the sudden moral hysteria fanatically promoted by the mainstream media and cultural elite, and the mass wave of rioting and looting violence.

Tucker pointed out that Republicans have stood idly by as national progressives, major corporations and ANTIFA criminals unleash a wave of left-wing criminality upon the general public.

So why is it happening? Maybe it’s because Republicans in Washington have decided to sit this one out. They haven’t bothered to explain what’s wrong. They haven’t bothered to tell us anything about might be flawed about Black Lives Matter- and they don’t plan to, by the way. They’re too cynical- they’re too fearful- they’re going to pretend like it’s not happening, repeat platitudes, read bumper stickers on their air, nod solemnly- and do nothing to protect the country. Why would voters reward that?

White House liberal Jared Kushner is said to have been playing an aggressive role in lobbying President Trump to avoid a strict ‘law and order’ response to the national riots, claiming that deterring the mass wave of criminal behavior would damage Trump’s efforts to reach out to minority communities. However, polling reveals that Americans across all demographics support a strong law enforcement response to the riots, and that they support their local police department.

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