Tucker Carlson: Tax the Wealth of Globalist Oligarchs to Pay for Pandemic Recession

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson called for government to assess a one-time “COVID fee” on globalist elites to offset the effects of the pandemic’s economic recession on average citizens, making the proposal in a Friday night segment.

Why wouldn’t you assess Amazon, Apple, Goldman Sachs, Google, Netflix and Walmart- all the big winners in this pandemic- why wouldn’t you assess them a one time COVID fee- taken out of their record-setting profits, and make them pay for the next bailout? Why are you paying for it?

Powerful global corporations have raked in record-setting profits as their small business competitors are driven out of business during the coronavirus lockdown, benefiting immensely from a drastically altered marketplace in which physical retailers are often forced to close by state and local governments. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has utilized the pandemic to inflate his bloated net worth to an obscene $200 billion.

Jeff Bezos, for example, is now the richest man in the history of the world. Maybe he could share the load in a meaningful way. He’s not sharing it with his employees.

Globalist elites have keenly promoted the idea of a “great reset” in response to the virus, reorienting the economic structure of western societies to prioritize the interests of oligarchs and massive global corporations. The budget deficit of the United States in fiscal year 2020 is slated to surpass $3 trillion, representing an unprecedented addition to the national debt. Marshaling the wealth of left-wing megabillionaires such as Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and George Soros may represent an alternative to a society in which a handful of corporations siphon and extract the equity of the American middle class.

Here’s the bottom line. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. It’s not a talking point, it’s measurable.


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