Tucker Carlson Tells the US How It Can Learn from the Way Hungary Manages Its Own Southern Border

During his stay in Hungary this week, Tucker Carlson visited the country’s southern border with Serbia and came to the conclusion that stemming the tide of illegal immigration only requires the will to do it, not high tech equipment or a large GDP.

Tucker’s report came in the form of a monologue on Wednesday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” which was broadcasted from Budapest.

“Huge waves of human migration really are the biggest story of the age we’re living in, and they will certainly define the future,” he began. “They’ve accelerated for a couple of reasons: One, it’s very easy to travel from one end of the globe to another, easier than it’s ever been in human history, and cheaper. But for another, a lot of the world is getting less stable, and in part that’s the fault of the West.”

“Ideologues in this country, some of whom now work in the Biden State Department, decided to overthrow the government of Iraq. That caused a domino effect of instability throughout the region and massive waves of human migration. Hillary Clinton, for some reason, decided we needed to kill the leader of Libya that started a civil war in that country, and again, more migration. And then for the last fifteen years, again, ideologues in Washington have pushed more war in Syria. So all of that had effects.”

One of the effects of Middle Eastern destabilization, Tucker explained, was the 2015 European migrant crisis, when over one million Middle Easterners and Africans flooded the European Union, many of whom were welcomed with open arms by Germany and other EU nation states. Practically the only nation to refuse to let the world in, however, was Hungary. The Hungarians ended up building a wall—more accurately, a chain link, barbed-wire fence—on their southern border with Serbia, which Tucker and his crew visited this week.

“It’s not actually a wall,” Tucker said. “It’s very simple. And if you sat for the last five years and listened to American ‘experts’ debate how it’s impossible to stop immigration with a wall, no matter how high tech, you learn that that’s a complete lie. All you need is the will to do it.”

One thing that stood out at the Hungarian/Serbian border was that it was “perfectly clean and orderly.” There was no human suffering, Tucker said, unlike the US/Mexico border that’s been continuously dealing with an illegal alien overload. And when two migrants from Syria tried to enter Hungary, border officials photographed them, searched them for weapons, and sent them right back into Serbia.

“As we watched this happen, we said to a Hungarian minister who was standing there: ‘It’s hard to believe that’s your policy, when you come here illegally, you’re just escorted out politely.’ And he said: ‘We’re a serious country.’ How embarrassing to be an American in a conversation like that,” Tucker recounted.

Watch the entirety of Tucker’s monologue here:

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