Tucker Carlson: ‘We Can Have Any Opinion We Feel Like Having — That Is Not Treason’

Tucker responds to allegations from Neoliberals.

Carlson specifically referred to former Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe and Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI), who have both suggested Carlson’s approach was worthy of scrutiny.

Tuckers monologue was based saying, “Well, speaking of tyranny, it is a weird experience, but probably not entirely unexpected to be denounced as unpatriotic by people who despise our country. You see that a lot all of a sudden.”

“The very same politicians who claim the United States as systemically racist, a White supremacist hellscape defined by slavery. In other words, an evil nation. Those people are always the first to claim that you hate America if you dare to disagree with them. That happened to us over the weekend.”

The Neoliberals are desperate for a war and they have found it in Russia. Ukraine holds no vital National security interest to The United States.

Responding to his liberal critics Tucker said “CARLSON: So now it is quote “un-American” to defend America’s national interest. Shut up in support war with Russia. That was Congressman David Cicilline of Rhode Island. Cicilline has particularly exercise that this show had sought to interview Vladimir Putin.

As Tucker put it “Russia is not America’s greatest international rival by every measure, that is of course, China. Ukraine is not our vital ally. We have no legal or moral obligation to defend Ukraine’s territorial integrity even as we surrender our own to the rest of the world, letting millions in, in a single year. Ukraine is not even a democracy despite what Joe Biden endlessly claims.”

Tucker is taking the Pro American view and the liberals and NeoCons are calling him a traitor for this. This is is very telling of the current situation we find ourselves in.

“So how seriously should we take this? Well, it is pretty clear where it’s going. First, the NSA spied on our e-mails and texts. Now, they’re accusing us of treason. We got it. They want us to be quiet, but we won’t be quiet and not just because this is a news organization, because we’re Americans and we can talk to anyone we want.” These words from Tucker ring very true.

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