Tucker Gets More Viewers Than All of CNN Combined, Fox Early News Beats MSNBC Prime Time

Tucker Carlson continues to dominate the cable news ratings while CNN and MSNBC’s viewership continues its free fall from competitive to negligible.

For multiple days in a row since the Mueller report broke, “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, broadcast at 8 p.m., received more viewers than the entirety of CNN’s prime time lineup combined.

On April 2, Carlson had nearly 3 million viewers tune in for his broadcast. Meanwhile on far left CNN, Anderson Cooper reached 835,000, Chris Cuomo reached 873,000, and Don Lemon reached only 873,000, creating a total of 2,525,000 viewers for all of prime time compared to Carlson’s 2,938,000.

More viewers tuned in for Carlson than all of CNN’s prime time news content combined.

Tucker Carlson Beats Entire CNN Lineup

Comparing all of prime time is even more devastating for CNN. Fox News had a total of 8,616,000 viewers during prime time, over three times the viewership of CNN.

While CNN has struggled with ratings since being lambasted by President Donald J. Trump and conservatives for its far left, anti-Trump bias, the more surprising news comes from MSNBC’s decline in viewership.

Prior to the completion of the Mueller report, Rachel Maddow competed strongly with Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Carlson for the number one show each night. On April 2, however, the prime time host garnered a mere 2,475,000 viewers.

Maddow was beat by all of Fox News’s prime time programming, and interestingly, by Fox News’s early news programming as well. “The Five”, airing at 5 p.m. and featuring a variety of hosts including noted liar Juan Williams, had a total of 2,551,000 viewers, beating Maddow’s prime time viewership by over 100,000.

In fact, Fox News beat out MSNBC for viewership for almost the entire broadcast cycle. The only Fox News host beat by MSNBC was Shannon Bream, who had 33,000 less viewers than MSNBC’s Brian Williams during the 11 p.m. hour.

This, naturally, occurred outside of prime time, when most Fox News viewers have likely gone to sleep so they can wake up for work the next day.

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