Tucker Takes Jared Kushner, White House Liberals to Task for Lackluster Trump Administration Response to Riots

Tucker Carlson called out White House liberal Jared Kushner for pushing the Trump administration’s overall lackluster response to the nationwide race riots sweeping America during a segment on Monday, pointing to Kushner as a stealth liberal undermining the ‘MAGA’ agenda that President Trump was elected upon in 2016.


“But the President’s famously sharp instincts- that won him the presidency almost four years ago- have been since subverted at every level by Jared Kushner. This is true on immigration, on foreign policy, and especially on law enforcement… [President Trump] often derides Kushner as a liberal, and he’s right- he is.

White House sources describe Kushner as instrumental in convincing the President to water down his response to the nationwide race riots, arguing that enforcing the law would prove damaging to the prospects of Trump increasing his support with minority voters in the 2020 election. Tucker pointed out the inherent bigotry of Kushner’s assumption, arguing that Americans of all demographics support putting an immediate end to the widespread criminality and attacks on private property that have been witnessed throughout the nation since the death of George Floyd.

Carlson earlier pointed to Kushner for what consistently comes across as downright dismissive contempt for the working-class voters who have proved Donald Trump’s most crucial political constituency, arguing that the President’s son in law is more interested in advancing a metropolitan cultural elite- friendly from within the White House. Kushner has aggressively pushed to save mass immigration and cheap labor visa programs at the behest of Silicon Valley elites, most recently undermining President Trump’s plan to set forth an immigration moratorium in the wake of the coronavirus recession.

Recent reports also indicate that Kushner, a lifelong Independent and Democrat before switching to the Republican Party during Trump’s presidency, has been seeking to alter the Republican Party platform in order to appeal to liberal and affluent suburban voters.

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