TUCKER: Why is Senator Ted Cruz Fundraising for a Cheap Labor Senator?

Last week, Texas Senator Ted Cruz sent out a fundraising email calling on people to make contributions to Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan.

Curiously, Sullivan joined other Senators such as Lindsey Graham, John Cornyn, Mike Crapo, James Risch, Mike Rounds, Todd Young, Lisa Murkowski, and James Lankford in a letter directed to President Donald Trump asking for the administration to not suspend non-immigrant, work-based visas and other job safeguards for foreign nationals.

Michelle Hackman, a reporter who covers immigration policy at the Wall Street Journal, tweeted the following:

Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson called out the nine pro-cheap labor Republican Senators who signed this letter in a show last week.



One of Ted Cruz’s legal American Hispanic constituents enthusiastically responded to news about Cruz’s fundraising letter in support of Sullivan.

The constituent tweeted, “Thanks for the heads up. .@SenTedCruz & . @JohnCornyn no response from your office still from email. .@TuckerCarlson stay on this!!!!! My job and the 40mil others matter more than #h1bvisa

This is a strange development when considering that Cruz signed on to a letter along with Senators Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton, calling for the suspension of work visas for a year until employment levels reached normal rates. Indeed, Cruz’s actions appear to be incoherent. His signature on that letter is commendable, but there needs to be more consistency in his actions.

Namely, he needs to be propping up more candidates who actually believe in immigration restriction such as Kris Kobach or forming stronger alliances with the likes of Josh Hawley. Trying to play nice with everyone will not make patriotic immigration reform a reality.

There must be a plan to elect immigration patriots and ultimately get roll call votes on real immigration reform.

The immigration question is no trivial matter.

Due to the post-1965 Immigration Act voting patterns, America could be on the cusp of an unprecedented political transformation which could put civil liberties such as the right to bear arms and free speech in danger.

We are entering uncharted territory and we cannot afford to walk blindly into this battle without any form of strategy.

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