Tucson Residents Vote Down Ballot Measure To Become Sanctuary City

Voters in Tucson, Arizona rejected a plan for the Arizona city to become a sanctuary city last week.

After Arizona passed a law that made local police check the immigration status of individuals suspected to be illegal aliens, Democrats in charge of Tucson established their city as an “immigrant welcoming city.” The Tucson police department enacted new rules which limited when police officers can ask about people’s immigration status during routine stops.

However, on Tuesday the Democratic-controlled city voted resoundingly to not become a sanctuary city.

This result came about after a heated disagreement that split leftists who were giddy about standing up for immigrants and against President Donald Trump, and those who believed that the voter initiative would bring retaliation from the Arizona state legislature and the Trump administration.

“The city of Tucson, in all respects except being labeled as such, operates as a sanctuary city,” Mayor Jonathan Rothschild said during an interview prior to the vote.

This voter initiative aimed to gut a 2010 Arizona immigration law known as SB1070, which catalyzed a series of mass protests and a boycott of the state. Courts struck down much of the law but kept the requirement for law enforcement to check immigration documents when they believe someone is in the country illegally.

Arizona is one of the states that’s witnessing demographic shift, and as a result, has become a purple state. The election of Kyrsten Sinema, the first class 1 Democrat elected to the Senate from Arizona since 1976 when Dennis DeConcini was elected, further illustrates this.

On top of Democratic political domination, mass migration brings public safety problems and economic upheaval with it.

For once, voters came to their senses and rejected a sanctuary city proposal.

However, the Arizona Republican Party’s relevance will ultimately depend on a federal government that is willing tackle illegal immigration and radically overhaul the migration system in a way that no longer attracts massive waves of migrants.



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