Tulsi Gabbard Bucks Democrat Party, Declines to Back Impeachment

Tulsi Gabbard defied the will of establishment Democrats and fervent liberals, casting a ‘present’ vote on impeaching President Trump in the Democratic Caucus. The House of Representatives passed an impeachment resolution on Wednesday night.

The Hawaii Congresswoman and Presidential candidate isn’t the only Democratic member of Congress to reject impeachment. Democratic Congressmen Jeff Van Drew and Collin Peterson went even further than Tulsi in actively voting ‘no’ on impeachment.

Gabbard is known as a critic of her party’s political establishment, and her refusal to get behind a sham impeachment resolution will only further incense party bigwigs who already have an axe to grind against the anti-war Presidential candidate.

Gabbard has previously wavered on impeachment, expressing differing views as to whether or not to support it. The dissident Democrat has pointed out that most Americans simply don’t care about the alleged byzantine process violations and bureaucratic jockeying leading Democrats have claimed represents impeachable offenses.

In a statement, Gabbard explained her rationale for voting ‘present’ on impeachment, staking out her opposition to President Trump but recognizing that establishment Democrats rigged a “partisan endeavor” for political witch hunt purposes.

Neoliberal Democrats took aim at Tulsi following her refusal to tow the party line Wednesday night.

Gabbard’s far from a truly non-partisan or impartial Democrat, as evidenced by her refusal to fully vote against impeachment. But the viciousness of establishment Democrats toward any member of their own party who refuses to fully sign on to a crooked and totally pointless witch hunt with no chance of success in the Senate shows the total political bankruptcy of their party.

As Democrats maintain an unrelenting focus on nonsense involving foreign aid to Ukraine and deep state bureaucrats hoping to use their positions to take down Trump, Americans are tuning out.

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