Tunisian President Reveals Globalist Plot to Alter Country’s Demography through Mass Migration

On February 21, 2023, Tunisia’s President Kais Saied criticized an alarming wave of illegal aliens hailing from sub-Saharan African nations as a plot to change the country’s demographics. 

Per a Reuters report, Saied made those remarks in a meeting with the National Security Council. Saied called for the influx of illegal aliens to be immediately halted. 

“The undeclared goal of the successive waves of illegal immigration is to consider Tunisia a purely African country that has no affiliation to the Arab and Islamic nations,” he commented.

Tunisian rights groups described Saied’s comments about Sub-Saharan migration as “racist.”

“It is a racist approach just like the campaigns in Europe… the presidential campaign aims to create an imaginary enemy for Tunisians to distract them from their basic problems,” declared Ramadan Ben Amor, spokesman for the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights.

Generally speaking, Tunisia serves as a notable transit point for migrants and refugees planning to cross the Mediterranean to Europe, This includes growing numbers of Tunisians and people from other African countries. 

Several social media campaigns have been launched in Tunisia calling on authorities to halt the travel of African migrants through Tunisia on their way to Europe or settling down in Tunisia. 

In February, Tunisian authorities have been cracking down on migrants.

The Tunisian leader claimed that certain entities, which he did not explicitly name, have been settling African migrants in Tunisia in exchange for money over the past decade. 

Indeed, mass migration is not just impacting white European nations. Other countries such as Tunisia are being impacted as well. Mass migration is part of a broader globalist plot to eliminate historic nations and effectively erase their borders. The goal here is to usher in supranational political entities bereft of national identities, which makes them easier to control.

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