Turkish Leader Claims “War Lobby” Caused Ukraine Peace Process Failure

On July 3, 2023, Turkish  President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that efforts to end the Russo-Ukrainian conflict have been “obstructed and eroded by the war lobby.” Erdogan made those comments while talking to reporters in Ankara.

“The diplomatic efforts, which were initiated with the Istanbul process and proceeded with captive exchanges, have unfortunately been obstructed and eroded by the war lobby,” Erdogan remarked.

Erdogan asserted that the so-called “war lobby,” had targeted Turkey but did not name any specific culprits behind such schemes. If Turkey’s peace efforts had been successful during early stages of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the bulk of human destruction could have been avoided, Erdogan claimed.

Turkey was the host of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine right after Russia launched its special military operation on February 24, 2022. This initial round of negotiations resulted in a preliminary peace deal, which was kicked off in Istanbul.

However, Ukraine did not stick to its commitments following Russia’s decision to withdraw its forces from the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, shortly after reaching the deal.

Russian and Ukrainian emissaries haven’t bothered to engage in diplomatic efforts since then. Russian authorities claim that it is ready to sort out the Russo-Ukrainian conflict via diplomatic efforts, while emphasizing that the Collective West for pushing Ukraine into a war “to the last Ukrainian.”

Erdogan is on the mark here. As far as who the likely culprits are behind the derailment of the peace efforts, they’re likely part of the Anglo-American geopolitical axis who wants to create a divide and rule dynamic in Europe that prevents continental Europe and Russia from ever reaching a geopolitical rapprochement. On top of that, neocons in London and Washington DC want to remake the world in their own dysfunctional images. And Russia is one of the largest obstacles towards this trend. 

For that reason, the Collective West has no interest in bringing peace to the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. 

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