Turkish Officials Says the West and Russia are in a Cold War 2.0 Scenario

On December 4, 2022, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin declared that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict had created a new cold war between Russia and the Collective West.

“What we are witnessing today is a ‘cold war 2.0.’ And it began with the war in Ukraine. Probably, it will be conducted by other means of a symmetric or hybrid war. Probably, it will last until a wider geopolitical picture unites key parties and sets parameters of a new global deal – a new security architecture,” he said during an interview on Al Jazeera.

Indeed, the anti-Russia fanatics want nothing more than a Cold War 2.0 scenario. This will satisfy their anti-Russia fetish and line the pockets of their buddies in the defense industry.

Turkey finds itself in an interesting position here. While ostensibly a NATO member, Turkey is a known practitioner of geopolitical hedging. In other words, it knows how to play both sides and play two antagonistic parties against each other.

While Turkey has not backed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it has not joined the Collective West in sanctioning it and has closed off the Dardanelles Strait to warships from both Russia and the Collective West. Historically, Turkey’s Ottoman predecessors were rivals of Imperial Russia. However, the geopolitical landscape has vastly changed since then.

Because of the Woke West’s fanatic foreign policy that seeks to transform the rest of the world in its degenerate image, even allies like Turkey could be subject to subversion and potential regime change. As a result, Turkey will seek to occasionally re-calibrate its relations with Russia, which have historically been chilly.
As this new Cold War intensifies, many authoritarian countries that have historically been US allies and strategic partners will consider joining the less ideologically-driven Eurasian axis.

That’s the new reality of the new international order unfolding before our very eyes.


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