Turncoat: Milo Slams Daily Wire’s Kassy Dillon Over Comments To Washington Post

The man who helped launched the media career of a Daily Wire staff writer Kassy Dillon has responded to comments she made about him to the Washington Post.

“Kassy Dillon’s late-term conversion to the cult of NeverTrump and Milo-hating is even more bizarre than it first appears, because Kassy didn’t merely take a photo with me — the one she now claims she finds so traumatic,” wrote Milo Yiannopoulos in column called “What Happened to the Fearless Kassy Dillon I once Knew.

“Kassy coined the #FREEMILO hashtag when I was banned from Twitter. ‘I started the #freemilo hashtag for you and have started the crusade. It’s gonna trend any minute,’” she wrote to me at the time. “’I’m tweeting like crazy for you, and have some of the most popular tweets!’”

Dillon has since jumped off the Trump Train and moved towards the dying neoconservative establishment, with the likes of her boss Ben Shapiro at Daily Wire. She was called out for her fence-sitting in a recent Washington Post article.

The Washington Post wrote:

“On the surface, Dillon acts like a Trumpian firebrand. And yet, privately, she isn’t gaga over Trump, whom she approaches with ruthless pragmatism. “He tweets and it sucks and sometimes it can be funny,” she says. “I try to ignore it, or laugh it off.”

Dillon calls herself a “conservatarian” — she’s for free markets, she’d like to see marijuana decriminalized, and she wants the government out of marriage. She’s also pro-gun, pro-life and pro-Israel. As for immigration, she says: “I’m indifferent to the wall.” But, she adds, if Trump “doesn’t build it, we won’t do well in the next election.”

Yet after all these months, the combativeness that won Trump so many early young converts is giving her pause. It weighed on her conscience when the Internet made fun of the woman in the Trigglypuff video and her looks; she’s “haunted” by a picture she once took with Yiannopoulos.”

Washington Post Passage Ends. 

Further proof that Dillon has sold out can be found on Twitter, where she was anything but “indifferent to the wall,” which was the bedrock of the Trump campaign that she supported.

“The wall just got 10 feet higher. ,” she tweeted in 2017, quoting Trump in a response to an anti-wall hashtag.


And then, a delightfully written poem from 2016.


“Now that’s how you build a wall !” she said in 2016. “This wall Israeli effective,” adding a bad a pun.


“Kassy also recorded the video footage that made Trigglypuff famous at that event, a UMass talk with Christina Hoff Sommers called ‘The Triggering,'” Yiannopoulos said. “Following the event, she emailed me dozens of times over many months, sending anonymous news tips about fellow conservatives, asking for shout-outs on social media and trying to curry favor.”

The Trigglypuff video launched Dillon into fame in the pro-Trump world, which she now apparently regrets.

“Such dramatic ideological reversals normally mean someone has been offered money or position by a new benefactor after the old one lost interest,” says Yiannopoulos’ piece. “Kassy, like a lot of women who crave male attention, switches her affiliations and loyalties in an instant.

“Even her political opinions shift, it seems, depending on the latest guy to show her a bit of attention. She’s a bit like a jihadi bride in that way, renouncing her entire way of life because she’s infatuated with a new male role model or boss. Kassy Dillon’s opinions are therefore worth less than nothing.”

Dillon did not have much to say when presented with the opportunity to comment.

Reporters ask questions to get comments,” she told Big League Politics on Twitter. “Come on, I don’t need to tell you how to do your job.”

Milo’s parting words for Dillon?

“Kassy has drifted into ineffective, morally-compromised, money-driven circles since her time as a proud campus hell-raiser, these days writing for the scrupulously establishment-friendly Daily Wire. Sadly for her, I think her new Daddy’s going to come up short.”

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