TURNCOAT: Schiff Attacks Mueller for Not Investigating Trump Enough

On the cusp of what will surely be a disappointing report for the radical left from Special Counsel Robert Mueller III’s office on alleged “Russian collusion,” Democrats are beginning to turn on Mueller.

“What we are interested in is, does the president have business dealings with Russia such that it compromises the United States?” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said on “Meet the Press” Sunday “[I]f the special counsel hasn’t subpoenaed Deutsche Bank, he can’t be doing much of a money laundering investigation.”

The investigation into President Donald J. Trump’s non-existent “collusion” with Russia has been underway for 18 months. Apparently 18 months of work resulting in zero evidence of wrongdoing does not sit well with Schiff, who is certain that Trump has committed crimes. He’s just not sure which crimes. In fact, finding no evidence of wrongdoing, in Schiff’s eyes, actually proves that Mueller is not “doing much of a money laundering investigation.” The House Intelligence Committee member wants Mueller to keep digging into Trump.

But that is not how the justice system is supposed to operate in the United States. Despite whether the radical left thinks Trump should be thrown in jail, in America, we investigate crimes, not people. The scope of the investigation is already broader than what should be acceptable under the law, and still no wrongdoing has been found, other than process crimes stemming from the investigation itself.

This is behavior of totalitarians, not those who care about due process and rule of law. But then, we already knew that Democrats do not care about those things.

The crux of the Deutsche Bank claim is that they lended money to Trump in 1990’s and subsequently were penalized for letting Russian clients launder billions of dollars of money overseas. What does this have to do with Trump, or supposed “collusion?” Nothing.

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