Turning Point USA Accused of Booting Immigration Patriots From Annual ‘Student Action Summit’ Event

Turning Point USA is reportedly banning “America First” patriots from attending their “Student Action Summit” event in West Palm Peach, FL that began today and goes until Sunday.

The organization is growing increasingly desperate to control the narrative after being hit with difficult questions at events throughout the country.

Former TPUSA organizer Jaden McNeil, who once led the chapter at Kansas State University (KSU), reported that he was denied entry to the event earlier this week. They revoked his invitation after first granting him access to the event and failed to give him a reason for denying his entry.


“This was obviously a coordinated attack planned so that I had no time to cancel flights or lodging. Shows just how pathetic and petty these people are,” McNeil wrote in a subsequent tweet.

“They encourage abortion activists and Communists to attend, but if you are opposed to mass immigration, they ban you,” he added.

Despite being banned from the official event, McNeil went to West Palm Beach anyway to network with like-minded conservatives. McNeil claimed he was escorted from the conference center earlier today just five feet away from the conference center doors.

The TPUSA event organizers are apparently scared of another public relations nightmare similar to what happened in the fall. There has been a growing exodus from the organization due to their perceived lack of authenticity.

Big League Politics reported on the grassroots rebellion last month:

The growing revolt against Conservative Inc. continues to build momentum, as another prominent campus activist has left Turning Point USA (TPUSA) due in large part to their weak stance on immigration and their hostility to “America First” patriots.

Andre Bass, who served as Director of Social Media of TPUSA at Colorado State University, publicly announced his resignation on Thursday in a letter he released on social media.

“I am announcing that I will be officially leaving as the Director of Social Media of Turning Point USA at Colorado State University after over a year of filling the role,” Bass wrote…

This is part of the grassroots revolt that is fomenting against Conservative Inc., which has recently targeted Kirk as well as neoconservative Congressman Dan “McCain 2.0” Crenshaw (R-TX) with intense questioning about their inconsistent and anti-nationalist policy stances.

The revolt has earned the support of the authentic Right, including #StandWithICE founder Michelle Malkin, who has applauded the efforts of the brave individuals willing to challenge Conservative Inc. at these public events.

Big League Politics will continue to report on TPUSA’s “Student Action Summit” and document their treatment of “America First” patriots.

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