OUT: Turning Point USA Chapter Leaders Leave Organization, Citing Hypocrisy and Unwillingness to Defend Conservatism

Two Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter leaders from Kansas State University are leaving the organization for hypocrisy they have seen from the organization’s founder Charlie Kirk.

TPUSA chapter president Jaden McNeil and vice president Nick Ferrera announced their resignations on social media today, shortly after Kirk bullied questioners and played the victim during a tumultuous “Culture War” event at Ohio State University.

“My misgivings with TPUSA first arose in the aftermath of the Covington Catholic incident. Many TPUSA associates initially sided with the left-wing mob, condemning the innocent high school students for having the gall to smile in the face of an adult’s aggressive behavior,” McNeil wrote in his resignation letter.

“These TPUSA associates only changed their tune once it became safe to take the side of the MAGA-supporting Catholic high school students. This incident encapsulates the fair weather conservatism of TPUSA,” he added.

Kirk set the tone by joining in the media-driven witch hunt against the Covington kids, and his underlings soon followed suit. He was even forced to admit his errors in an op/ed after the students were vindicated.

“A viral video seemed to show “Make America Great Again” cap-wearing kids from a Kentucky Catholic high school jeering and mocking a Native American in the nation’s capital. Throngs of people took to Twitter to condemn the kids. I was one of them,” Kirk wrote.

Kirk admitted that he threw the Covington Catholic students under the bus despite no evidence ever being produced that the kids did anything wrong.

“It’s not that it had been taken out of context. It’s not that the situation was more complicated than we originally thought. It’s that there wasn’t anything there in the first place. There wasn’t now, and never had been, any evidence of the high school students doing anything untoward,” he wrote.

In his resignation letter, McNeil also challenged the organization’s dedication to social conservatism. He believes TPUSA has surrendered to the Left completely on social issues.

“I harbor no hatred toward homosexuals; however, as a conservative Christian, I do not believe that gay marriage and drag queens should be glorified and promoted,” McNeil explained.

“This particular situation is part of a much larger problem: TPUSA constantly cedes cultural ground to the Left while focusing primarily on economics. The organization often ignores social conservatism altogether,” he added.

McNeil also noted the hypocrisy of TPUSA, a supposed free speech organization, for ordering him to take down the following Twitter thread:


The entire statements made by McNeil and Ferrera can be seen here:


The hypocrisy of the organization was on full display this past weekend when Kirk was protected by jackbooted security forces at Politicon, to prevent debate and discussion from prominent paleoconservative critic Nick Fuentes.

Kirk has his Conservative Inc. cronies working overtime to do damage control on his behalf, but it is not helping him dig his way out of this hole. The grassroots revolt against Kirk and his pro-drag queen strand of conservatism continues to build, and has spread to his organization.

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