TV For Real America Is Back, Roseanne’s Ratings Prove It

The Roseanne reboot, which premiered last night on ABC, surpassed 18 million viewers in the highest-rated comedy telecast on any channel in four years.

“Also kinda incredible, given how ratings have declined over the years: Roseanne’s return was actually higher among total viewers than its 1997 finale 21 years ago!” said an Entertainment Weekly article.

“A couple other data points: This is Tuesday’s highest-rated entertainment telecast in six years among young adults and ABC’s best results in the time slot since 2006,” the article said.

Part of Roseanne’s attraction appears to be – of all things – its normalcy. Hollywood has been gripped for decades by the neo-Marxist, social-justice left, a tired routine that caters only to the fringes of American society.

Roseanne seems to have provided a breath of fresh air.

“Finally a Hollywood product with normal looking people instead of their antiquated super skinny body standard. It’s about time!” said comedian Joe Praino.

Twitter user “Velostodon” said that Roseanne has an understanding of “real America” that Hollywood completely lacks.

For years, Hollywood has complained about their ever-dropping ratings. Who would have thought that it would be popular to cater to that tiny segment of the population know as “the American people”?

Meanwhile, the elite media is desperate to dis-associate Roseanne with anything Trump-related, fearing that a relatable Hollywood show could hurt their radical far-left movement.

Though Roseanne herself is more anti-establishment than conservative, some are calling for the show to be banned because she’s pro-Trump.

It has become a tired leftist tactic to call for a ban on anything that they find disagreeable.

If you don’t want to watch Roseanne, tune out. But it appears that if you do so, you’ll be in the minority of sitcom viewers.

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