TV Star Dr. Oz Announces Pennsylvania Senate Run

Dr. Mehmet Oz announced Tuesday that he will run as a Republican for Pennsylvania’s open US Senate seat, saying that Americans are “angry at our government and at each other” and vowing to “help us heal.”

“We have not managed our crises as effectively as past generations,” Oz wrote in an op-ed published by the Washington Examiner. “During the pandemic, I learned that when you mix politics and medicine, you get politics instead of solutions. That’s why I am running for the U.S. Senate: to help fix the problems.”

The 61-year-old cardiac surgeon, author and host of TV’s “Dr. Oz Show” decried the draconian heavy-handed government responses to COVID-19 that he said caused “unnecessary suffering,” and “took away our freedom[s].” Dr. Oz also pointed out a seldom discussed but largely overlooked travesty of the pandemic — the protocol for treating Covid-19 has remained unchanged, sending patients diagnosed with Covid-19 home with zero treatments or preventative measures and offering no assistance until it is likely too late.

“The public was patronized and misled instead of empowered. We were told to lock down quietly and let those in charge take care of the rest,” he wrote. “When we tested positive for the virus, we were also told to wait at home until our lips turned blue and we got sick enough to warrant hospitalization. To be clear, this is not a typical medical protocol.”

Included in the writings of the hopeful future Senator was an anti-elite sentiment likely shared by millions of Americans nationwide.

“Elites with yards told those without yards to stay inside, where the virus was more likely to spread,” Oz wrote. “And the arrogant, closed-minded people in charge closed our parks, shuttered our schools, shut down our businesses, and took away our freedom.”

Oz concluded his Examiner op-ed with a mission to “confront those who want to change the very soul of America and reimagine it with their toxic ideology.”

“We need to fight for the benefit of our descendants,” he wrote. “We have fumbled the baton we’re supposed to pass to our children. And I want to pick up that baton and start racing toward our promising future.”

Dr. Oz has a history in politics, previously being named by Former President Trump to the Presidential Council on Sports in 2018 before being reappointed for a second two-year term last December.

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