Tweets From Accused Abuser Eric Schneiderman That Didn’t Age Well

As previously reported at Big League Politics, New York’s Attorney General Eric┬áSchneiderman has been accused of physical assault from four different women. As a longtime enemy of Donald Trump, he has made his fair share of Tweets, that in the wake of these claims, certainly didn’t age well.

The first, and most ironic Tweet, is his praise of the New York Times, and The New Yorker for their coverage of prominent sexual harassment claims. The New Yorker was the first outlet to report the claims against him.

Schneiderman was also a highly vocal critic of Harvey Weinstein, offering to help any women who faced sexual harassment from him, or anyone else. I wonder if any of the women he allegedly assaulted tried calling his office for help?

He also reminded New Yorkers about the rights of sexual assault victims.

He also made countless grandstanding Tweets about how much of an advocate for women he is.

I don’t think those women had much control when you were allegedly assaulting them.

I guess in his mind working at an abortion clinic is somehow helpful to women, despite the fact that many women end up regretting their abortions, and half those killed in abortion are unborn women.

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