Twerking For MLK: Black Lives Matter Posts Gyrating Tribute to Civil Rights Hero

The official Black Lives Matter (BLM) Twitter account posted a gyrating tribute to the civil rights hero, Dr. Martin Luther King, on his annual national holiday.

The Instagram video features a woman shaking her buttocks to a rap remix of the iconic Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. The dancer’s short shorts are styled after the American flag in this display of patriotism.

The clip can be seen here:


Considering Dr. King’s well-documented history of lustful exploits, this tribute may have been right up his alley.

While this post by BLM may have been amusing for its ignorance and living up to various stereotypes, their overall behavior and affect on American life is far from a laughing matter.

Big League Politics has reported on how America has turned on BLM after an orgy of destruction was let loose on the nation with the full support of Democrat and media elites:

New polling from AP and the University of Chicago indicates that support has sharply declined for the Black Lives Matter protest movement, with 15% less Americans supporting the movement now than they did in June 2020…

At the time, a majority (54%) of Americans overall supported the movement. Now, it is decisively unpopular; only 39% of Americans support the Black Lives Matter protest movement. 44% express their specific disapproval, a figure that is also presumably growing.

Curiously, even less Latinos support the riot movement than White Americans; with 31% of the former demographic expressing support for it, whereas 35% of whites do. Democrats have increasingly ignored the concerns of Hispanic Americans- many of whom live in crucial swing states such as Florida, Nevada and Arizona, instead placing emphasis on a demographic that already votes for the party in an almost universal fashion.

Support for other longstanding claims of BLM’s adherents has also tanked. The poll indicates that Americans are growing cold towards the claims of police oppression and a fundamentally racist justice system.

Overall, Americans are less likely than they were in June to say deadly force is more commonly used against a Black person than a white person, 50% vs. 61%. And fewer now say that officers who cause injury or death on the job are treated too leniently by the justice system, 52% vs. 65%.

Many Americans had been inclined to support the grievance movement following the death of home invasion convict George Floyd. But the consistent pattern of criminality and violence from its most staunch supporters appears to have worn out BLM’s welcome, and its enablers may soon pay the political price.

Graffiti and twerking are the only remaining acceptable symbols of national pride that are allowed to be displayed publicly, and we have BLM to thank for this “progress.”

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