TWEXODUS: Popular Conservatives Move to Parler Due to Twitter’s Mass Censorship Campaign

Many top conservative personalities are leaving Twitter because of their restrictive censorship policies and heading over to Parler, a social media brand that supports free speech.

The exodus is happening in large part because of how Twitter has been arbitrarily censoring posts made by President Donald Trump and due to the banning of Carpe Donktum, Trump’s favorite creator of dank memes, from the platform.

Here are just a few of the conservatives who are turning their backs on Big Tech’s social media monopoly:

Big League Politics has covered Parler as they have called out their Big Tech competitors for running a “digital inquisition” against everyone who questions the political establishment:

The social media upstart Parler is pushing back against monolithic tech giant Facebook for their unethical business practices, such as their suppression of rallies against quarantines across America and their unpersoning of so-called “dangerous individuals.”

“Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg demonstrate a disturbing pattern of extreme words to demonize and dehumanize others in order to justify their digital inquisition,” Parler wrote in an Apr. 21 press release.

“For a platform that claims to be a social network and aims for responsible citizenship, Facebook uses labels like “dangerous individuals” and purveyors of “harmful information” to vilify Americans in a twisted and Machiavellian way,” they added.

Parler is referencing Facebook’s arbitrary decision to label people such as Infowars host Alex Jones, Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, and Congressional candidate Laura Loomer as “dangerous individuals” in order to boot them from their platform. Loomer is currently in court suing Facebook alleging the social media provider defamed her and violated her rights.

“Facebook had no basis for designating me as a dangerous individual, and when you examine their printed criteria for their dangerous individual policy, it is even more evident that I don’t meet any of the criteria, which includes being a terrorist and mass murderer,” Loomer told Breitbart News.

“I will continue this legal battle for as long as it takes until Facebook is held legally responsible for what they have done. If Facebook is truly innocent as they claim, then they should stop objecting to discovery and should immediately release the names and correspondence that occurred between everyone who was involved in designing and approving the “dangerous individuals and organizations” policy at Facebook, and its application to the select individuals it was applied to,” she added.

Parler is a social media platform that stands with Loomer and other purveyors of wrong-think in the digital age. They also stand with the protesters who are opposing unconstitutional overreach at the state level throughout America caused due to coronavirus quarantines.

“Facebook’s definition of good citizenship appears to include restricting people’s right to free speech, protest government policy and assemble freely. Zuckerberg seems to think Facebook’s role as a social network is to destroy the Bill of Rights and replace it with Facebook’s Terms of Service,” Parler said.

Parler is emerging as the most viable alternative to Big Tech monopolists, showing that the free market may have a solution for Orwellian tyranny.

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