TWISTED: Belgian Police Attack Citizens Gathering in a Park For Violating COVID Restrictions

Footage emerged of police in Brussels, Belgium attacking citizens gathering in a park, violently breaking up a crowd of people in the name of coronavirus restrictions. Police attacked citizens in the Bois de la Cambre park on Thursday.

The people in the park had gathered for an April Fools’ Day event intended to protest coronavirus restrictions. Citizens of European countries have become increasingly willing to stand up against coronavirus restrictions, which are enforced with greater severity than in America.

Police in riot gear used water cannons and pepper spray to disperse the crowd, many of whom resisted being ejected from a public place by their own government.

Chilling footage emerged of police in London breaking up Good Friday Catholic mass, in an egregious violation of religious liberties.

Belligerent law enforcement have proven unable to break up several larger protests in European cities over COVID restrictions, and have taken to targeting citizens walking in parks and attending religious services as a means to enforce draconian COVID mandates.

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