Twisted: Drag Queen Seen Stripping At Children’s Library Event in Seattle

Video has emerged of a drag queen performing in a sexually suggestive strip tease at a Washington ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ event, in a development that’s likely to draw further criticism towards the national phenomenon.

Watch the disturbing performance, that was held at a library:

In no universe is such a sexually charged display appropriate for children, who have been participants in previous Drag Queen Story Hour events nationwide. It’s unclear if the individual’s performance was held in the presence of minors.

It evidently took place over the summer at a Seattle-area library. In any case, such a performance shouldn’t be held at a library, which is bound to draw many minors for more appropriate educational activities.

Sex offenders have previously been busted performing as drag queens in Drag Queen Story Hour events.

King County libraries have apparently held a series of Drag Queen Story Hour events in recent months and years, making it unsurprising that such an inappropriate performance would be permitted at the public facilities. Previous events have in fact featured children, making it more than possible that minors were present at the “stripper’s” dance performance.

Conservatives and those who simply support protecting the innocence of children can’t simply shrug their shoulders and surrender what should be a public space to the depravity of the Left. Right-wingers should emphatically oppose and seek to prevent such events from occurring, utilizing the power of local and state governments to protect children from such a display if necessary.

Post-liberal conservatives such as Sohrab Ahmari have proposed pressuring federally-subsidized national library organizations with loss of funding if they fail to push back against the increasingly prevalent phenomenon that is Drag Queen Story Hour.




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