Twisted Leftist Reza Aslan: Trump Supporters Must be “Eradicated” From Society

Fired CNN host and so-called “scholar of religions” Reza Aslan, who ate human brains with cannibals, endorsed the “eradication” of Trump supporters in a Sunday tweet, holding them to be synonymous with white nationalists.

The UC-Riverside professor’s chilling remarks are possibly the most vengeful and hateful response on the left to Saturday’s El Paso massacre, carried out by a purported white nationalist who wanted to kill Hispanics.

Aslan went on to repeat his threat to White House policy advisor Kellyanne Conway, expressly singling her out as the “evil” that needed to be eradicated.

Seeing as Kellyanne Conway isn’t even slightly comparable to a hate-fueled white nationalist, it seems apparent that Aslan’s explicit threat applies broadly to any and all Trump supporters.

This isn’t the first time the utterly deranged and wrathful progressive has demanded violence against Trump supporters in a conniption of visceral rage.

The “religious scholar” claimed Covington hate hoax victim Nicholas Sandmann had the “world’s most punchable face” in a tweet dating back to the incident in January.

It would seem calling for a 16-year old boy would be a clear violation of Twitter’s rules, but the fired CNN host escaped scot-free without any consequences after for a call to violence directed at a child.

Observers concerned with Aslan’s repeated violent and quasi-genocidal rhetoric have reported his latest round of death threats to Twitter’s Safety team. But it’s unlikely the deranged leftist will face any consequences, leaving him free to escalate in his repeated pattern of dehumanization and violent threats towards Trump supporters and American patriots.

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