Twitter Allows Chinese Communist Propaganda Ads on Platform While Banning President Trump’s Ads

In recent months, Twitter has gained esteem from the fake news media and left-wing hacks for its ban on political advertising by U.S. political candidates. This ban also applies to most political-based ads in the U.S. as well.

“Political reach should be earned and not bought,” said Vijaya Gadde, who works as Twitter’s head of legal and policy when they rolled out the policy last year.

“We very much believe that cause-based advertising has value and can help drive conversation around important topics,” said Del Harvey, who works as Twitter’s vice president of trust and safety, about the policy, claiming that Twitter is “really trying to ensure there isn’t an attempt to game our political content policy through cause-based advertising.”

While Twitter likes to purport as if they are balanced and non-partisan, this policy is actually designed to hurt President Donald Trump. Trump relies on social media to circumvent the controlled corporate media that has tried to destroy him since he erupted onto the political scene in 2015. Twitter’s ban on political advertising puts up a serious impediment for Trump to get his message out.

Twitter’s bias is particularly evident as they allow agents of the Chinese communist regime to purchase advertisements on their platform. Twitter has allowed Liu Xin, a propaganda agent for the ChiComs, to use their platform to promote her public profile.

Big League Politics captured a screenshot of Liu using Twitter’s platform to spread her communist propaganda:

Liu is a propaganda reader for the China Global Television Network (CGTN), which is a broadcasting entity owned by the Chinese government. The CGTN has been broadcasting subversive propaganda in the U.S. for years, and, at one point, boasted how they were broadcast into 30 million homes across America.

The Trump administration took action against CGTN and other propaganda arms of the Chinese government with a sanctions regime last month.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo mentioned at the time that outlets like CGTN are “clearly controlled by the [Chinese Communist Party], and we are simply recognizing that fact.” Under the White House’s new determination, those entities are now considered to be “foreign missions,” meaning they will be treated by the U.S. as arms of the Chinese government rather than legitimate media sources.

“We are determined to treat China as it is, not as what we want it to be. In China, all media works for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as General Secretary Xi Jinping has explicitly stated,” Pompeo told Axios after the decision was made in February.

However, Twitter is giving special treatment to Chinese regime propaganda that they refuse to give to President Trump or any U.S. politician for that matter. This shows who Twitter really serves aside from their trite lip service.

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