Twitter Bans Black Republican Political Consultant Without Explanation

This week, Twitter banned RC Maxwell, a popular black Conservative political consultant and activist from the social media platform just two weeks after he created his account.

“I created my new account about two weeks ago,” Maxwell told Big League Politics. “I used that account @Campaign45Papi to push the pro-Trump candidates I’m working with this mid-term, which include (Kelli Ward Arizona Senate, John James Michigan Senate, Ron Bassilian California House, Aja Smith California House, and Liz Matory Maryland House, but it was suspended just as I started to garner a decent following with influential messaging.”

Maxwell currently works as a GOP political consultant out of California.

According to Maxwell, this is the second time Twitter has banned him from the platform without reason, completely deleting his profile.

His first account @BlackHannity, which was verified, was banned last year. From that account, Maxwell was once re-retweeted by Donald Trump Jr, and other prominent Conservatives including Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson.

In August 2017, Maxwell received national media attention after he was assaulted at a Trump rally by a counter protester who punched him in the face and pepper sprayed his eyes.

Maxwell is one of many Conservatives who have been banned from the platform, including Tommy Robinson, Baked Alaska, and Conservative street artist Sabo.


Last week, President Donald Trump tweeted about the censorship of Conservatives on Twitter, and vowed to “look into” it, calling shadow banning a “discriminatory and illegal practice.”

This morning, Twitter also suspended black conservative Candace Owens for tweeting the same message as New York Times editor Sarah Jeong, demonstrating the company’s anti-conservative bias.

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