Twitter Bans James O’Keefe and Project Veritas to Censor Hidden Camera Video of CNN Producer Admitting They Lied to Protect Biden

After reporting on how CNN deliberately reported propaganda to help Joe Biden win the presidency, accounts belonging to Project Veritas and its founder James O’Keefe have been thrown off of Twitter.

Twitter responded by claiming that O’Keefe and Project Veritas violated their nebulous rules without citing any specific violations.

“The account was permanently suspended for violating the Twitter Rules on platform manipulation and spam,” Twitter stated.

The social media monopoly’s naked and egregious censorship has many observers mentioning how Big Tech works in tandem with media conglomerates to crush competition and silence the truth:

Because of Twitter’s actions, O’Keefe has announced that he will be filing a defamation lawsuit against the tech giant.

“I am suing Twitter for defamation because they said I, James O’Keefe, “operated fake accounts.” This is false, this is defamatory, and they will pay. Section 230 may have protected them before, but it will not protect them from me. The complaint will be filed on Monday,” he said.

Big League Politics has reported about Project Veritas’ bombshell hidden camera video of a CNN producer admitting they deliberately conducted propaganda operations for the purposes of manipulating the 2020 presidential election result:

A Project Veritas release shows CNN technical director Charlie Chester admitting that his network created “propaganda” to oust Donald Trump and put Joe Biden in the Oval Office.

“I think, I think we got him (Biden) through this term,” Chester said on the hidden camera video.

“We would always show shots of him jogging… Him in his aviator shades, like you paint him (Biden) as a young geriatric,” he added.

Chester also explained how they would fabricate news stories about Trump while ignoring the many scandals coming from Biden’s campaign.

“We were creating a story there that we didn’t know anything about, ya know? That’s what – that’s what I think, that’s propaganda,” he said.

“Look what we did, we got Trump out. I am one hundred percent going to say it, and I one hundred percent believe it that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know if Trump would have got voted out,” Chester added.

He said that CNN will be using “fear” on their next campaign to sell the masses on the evils of climate change.

“Our focus was to get Trump out of office, right? Without saying it, that’s what it was, right? So our next thing is going to be for climate change awareness,” Chester said.

“No one ever says those things out loud, but it’s obvious,” he added.”

Big Tech entities are proving more every day why they are so dangerous to free speech . These corporate monsters must be brought to heel quickly or the Orwellian nightmare will become real and permanent.

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