Twitter Censors Barstool Sports Founder’s Video Trolling Blue Checkmark PC Police

Barstool Sports has been marked for destruction by the far left website Deadspin, and a video muploaded to troll the uptight journalists has now been censored by Twitter, showing Deadspin might be getting its way.

Barstool Sports, a culture and sports opinion website that hosts various successful podcasts, was maligned by Deadspin earlier this month as a copyright-infringing group of racists who will “sic a mob of hateful frogs” on anyone they dislike.

Deadspin‘s Drew Magary called for them to be banned from Twitter for a list of perceived examples of copyright violations and hate speech, and bemoaned that we will not live in a “perfect world” until the publication has been purged from social media.

Things escalated when Barstool Sports sponsored a towel giveaway during Game 2 of the Stanley Cup by the Boston Bruins, causing another outfit to release an article condemning the decision and shaming the Bruins for the partnership.

It appears the outrage mob may be getting their wish, as a video showing Barstool Sports’ president, Dave Portnoy, has been censored as “sensitive content” by Twitter.

The 95 second video shows Portnoy taking selfies with a number of Bruins fans, and contains the tongue in cheek caption “Please do me a favor and don’t show this to @laurawags or @drewmagary”, the two Deadspin journalists who marked them for destruction.

It remains to be seen if Twitter will escalate to the complete removal of Barstool Sports’ accounts from the platform, but this seems to be an example of the left wing outrage mob throwing a fit and then, to at least some limited extent, getting their way.

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