Twitter Continues Cracks Down on Accounts Promoting the Self-Defense Right of Political Prisoner Kyle Rittenhouse

Twitter is cracking down on messages posted on the platform that promote the self-defense rights of political prisoner Kyle Rittenhouse, who is facing charges for shooting ANTIFA terrorists at a Black Lives Matter rally in Kenosha, Wisc. last year.

New York Young Republicans president Gavin Wax reported that Twitter locked his account temporarily because of a tweet he made back in Aug. 2020 in support of Rittenhouse.

“Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong. Stop defaming him you basterds (sic),” Wax wrote in the tweet.

Nearly a year after making the tweet, Wax received an ultimatum from the monopoly social media platform demanding he remove the post or be unable to use the platform.

That warning can be seen here:

Wax is frustrated that Republican lawmakers in Congress offer little more than lip service in response to frequent Big Tech censorship on America First voices, including former president Donald Trump.

“Republicans need to grow some balls and finally take on big tech. Stop taking their money and start breaking them up,” Wax told Big League Politics.

“I was locked out for a year old Tweet that was completely non-controversial in nature. Twitter will continue to behave this way until we wield power against them,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on how the system is desperate to make an example out of Rittenhouse in order to send a strong message to American patriots that they will be punished if they fight back against the left-wing terror being fomented by media elites:

18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, the man who became a folk hero to the Right after killing two ANTIFA terrorists and wounding another in self-defense, remains a free man after demands from the Kenosha, Wisc. prosecutor’s office were rejected during a court hearing on Thursday.

Judge Bruce Schroeder rejected the request from Kenosha County Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger to throw Rittenhouse back behind bars and up his bail by $200,000. The hearing took place over Zoom and serves as a rebuke to the overzealous prosecution desperate to make an example of Rittenhouse for carrying a rifle and using it properly.

Prosecutors seized on Rittenhouse’s use of a safe house, hoping to get his address on the public record. Rittenhouse has been besieged by death threats from deranged leftists and can no longer possess a firearm to protect himself under the terms of his bail. Judge Schroeder had Rittenhouse’s attorney Mark Richards produce the safe house address but would not share it with the prosecutors.

“I hope you’re not suggesting sharing this with our office would lead to further violence,” Binger said. “We are not the public. We are the prosecuting agency. I have never heard of a situation where the information has been withheld from my office.”

Judge Schroeder said that the Kenosha County Sheriff’s office could handle any potential bail violations from Rittenhouse and cut off Binger as he attempted to make excuses about why Rittenhouse needed to be reincarcerated.

The message that “Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong” should be shouted off the rooftops. Big Tech is in on the conspiracy to disenfranchise Americans from fighting back against the police state.

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