Twitter Ends “Safety Partner” Relationship with SPLC After Sexual Harassment, Racism Scandals

Twitter has ended its relationship with the scandal-ridden Southern Poverty Law Center, according to reports that emerged Monday.

The platform had previously featured the legal organization as a member of its Trust and Safety Council, assisting to help combat “hateful conduct and harassment.” While it’s almost certain that the organization’s role with Twitter consisted of demanding conservative speech be censored and deleted, it appears the SPLC no longer has an in with the powerful social media platform.

The SPLC has increasingly come under fire, not only from the conservative demographic which it’s gained notoriety for baselessly defaming for years, but from moderates and progressives concerned with a pattern of unscrupulous behavior within the Alabama-based organization. The organization’s President and founder both resigned from their roles, with the latter having been accused of serially sexually harassing female staffers.

Other reports painted a picture of an organization that defrauded donors, stashed tens of millions of dollars in overseas tax havens, and hosted a toxic work culture in which minority employees were routinely underpaid.

Although the SPLC no longer has a means to agitate for liberal censorship on Twitter, the group has always had a closer relationship with Facebook, that appears to be intact in spite of the organization’s scandals. A Facebook spokesperson had told The Daily Caller that the SPLC was one of the external organizations the social media behemoth worked with “to inform our hate speech policies.” If the relationship still exists, it could be reasonably said that the biggest social media platform’s hate speech policies are in fact dictated by a progressive hate group.

Google has also utilized the group’s services to censor and purge right-of-center content from YouTube. There’s been no word as to whether or not it intends to follow the lead of Twitter in dumping the political hate group. 

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