ELECTION INTERFERENCE: Twitter Plans To Censor President Trump’s Allegedly Rule Breaking Tweets

Today Twitter announced its plan to censor tweets by President Donald Trump and other world leaders that it considers against the rules of the big tech platform.

Twitter plans to censor the allegedly rule breaking tweets from President Trump and other prominent politicians and world leaders with a message informing users that the content of the tweet violates its rules, and forcing them to opt in to viewing the material. This comes after Twitter has repeatedly been urged by the left to censor tweets by the president that are considered offensive or rule breaking by the pundit class.

According to Twitter, the message will read “The Twitter Rules about abusive behavior apply to this Tweet. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain available.”


Twitter will then remove the tweet from its safe search, top tweets, live events, notifications, and explore features.

The big tech company is predictably vague when it comes to explaining what type of tweets may be censored. It will still delete it considers to put others in immediate harm, but notes that it wants to allow some of the rule breaking material to remain on the platform so it may be used to hold public officials “accountable for their statements”.

Even the far left CNN recognizes that this will likely provoke the Trump administration further:

But putting a disclaimer on one of Trump’s tweets would almost certainly bring a firestorm of criticism down on Twitter’s head. Republicans in Washington, including Trump, often claim without real evidence that technology companies are biased against conservatives. Such a disclaimer on a Trump tweet, even if he had clearly violated Twitter’s rules, would provoke a new cycle of such complaints at a time when Washington is increasingly investigating Big Tech over concerns about antitrust and privacy.

Of course, there is a plethora of evidence suggesting big tech is systematically censoring conservatives. Just this week, Project Veritas revealed that Google is censoring conservatives and planning to meddle in future presidential elections to prevent the next “Trump situation” from occurring. In addition, they meddled in the political landscape of Ireland to help legalize abortion.

Worse, YouTube, which is owned by Google, censored Project Veritas’ report, and Vimeo removed their account entirely as punishment for uploading the report.

President Trump brought up the possibility of a lawsuit against Google for its actions only yesterday, and today Project Veritas revealed that Google is teaching its employees to protest right wing policies.

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