Twitter Preparing New ‘Warning’ Labels for Content Labeled ‘Harmfully Misleading’

Twitter is reportedly testing new technology that will label content the platform arbitrarily decides to be ‘harmfully misleading,’ according to reporting from NBC on Thursday.

The platform will affix “brightly colored labels” beneath content, providing users with rebuttals to tweets.

Imagery of the new feature has already been released, showing political rebuttals to claims made by prominent politicians such as Bernie Sanders and Kevin McCarthy.

The rebuttal content to supposed misleading tweets is going to be curated by a team of verified fact-checkers and journalists. Considering the track record of some of Twitter’s most infamous blue checks, it’s going to be hard to take them seriously as supposed objective arbiters of truth.

We’re exploring a number of ways to address misinformation and provide more context for tweets on Twitter,” a Twitter spokesperson told NBC. “Misinformation is a critical issue and we will be testing many different ways to address it.

The feature is apparently based on community feedback, and Twitter claims it will function similarly to other community-based moderation programs seen on platforms such as Wikipedia or Reddit.

Gone are the days when it was up to users of the internet and social media themselves to form their own opinion of what is truthful and what is dishonest. The San Francisco tech company is claiming a flood of supposed misinformation requires them to take action in advance of the 2020 Presidential election.

Unfortunately, it appears the community-based points system will be all too easily gamed for leftists to shut down right-leaning points of view. Twitter has little to no credibility to be enforcing politically neutral rules on their platform.

NBC’s report on the new feature states that the slanted program is set to be unveiled on Twitter around March 5th.

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