Twitter Reinstates User Who Made Viral Videos Retweeted By Trump, Krassensteins Implicated

Twitter Reinstates Carpe Donktum

The popular Twitter account of Carpe Donktum was reinstated today after Twitter suspended it, apparently at the behest of Brian and Ed Krassenstein.

It was originally reported by Big League Politics and other media outlets that Carpe Donktum was suspended for 12 hours for posting a tweet that read “BUILD THE WALL!” and including a viral video he made earlier this year, depicting President Donald J. Trump and several prominent media outlets in a Western shootout scene.

Later reports revealed the Krassenstein brothers may have directed their Twitter followers to report the video and tweet, leading to the suspension. Carpe Donktum at one point confirmed that Twitter required him to delete the tweet before he would be allowed to return to the platform.

Strangely, on Friday afternoon Carpe Donktum announced that he was allowed back to the platform without deleting the offending tweet. According to Carpe Donktum, the tweet was reported by the Krassensteins and their followers, who he claims alleged it was an example of targeted harassment, presumably toward CNN’s Jim Acosta.

“Twitter has unlocked my account and RESTORED THE TWEET that @EdKrassen and @Krassenstein FRAUDULENTLY REPORTED as targeted harassment,” wrote the viral meme creator. He added, rhetorically, “When will they be receiving their SUSPENSION” for allegedly targeting harassment toward Carpe Donktum.

Big League Politics reported:

Carpe Donktum, who has had multiple meme videos reposted or retweeted by President Donald J. Trump, was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours after publishing a tweet that merely read “BUILD THAT WALL” and tagged President Trump’s Twitter account.

The link in CarpeDonktum’s tweet contained a video, still available on Twitter, that the user created. It depicts President Trump in a Western-style shootout with various members of the media, and audio from one of the president’s many combative press conferences.

Big League Politics never received a response to our original request for comment from Twitter, and still has not received word from the platform as to why Carpe Donktum was banned, or why his account was restored earlier today.

We also reached out to Carpe Donktum for comment to see if he could elaborate on the alleged targeted harassment from the Krassensteins, and did not receive an immediate response.

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