Twitter Retreats, Restores Conservative Pundit’s Account After Outrage

After facing a massive backlash from conservatives, patriots, and American nationalists, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey restored the account of Jesse Kelly to the platform.

Twitter had initially handed him a permanent ban on the basis of unknown infractions. However, an unnamed Twitter spokesman tried to cover for the company, claiming that the completely arbitrary and unexplained ban was merely temporary.

Kelly is a Marine Corps veteran, radio host and former congressional candidate. He spoke with Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night, describing his experiences as a victim of Silicon Valley Big Tech political censorship.

It’s great that Kelly got his account back, and hopefully the backlash the ban resulted in makes Twitter more hesitant to ban conservative, patriotic and right-wing voices. However, many of the well-fed conservative pundits who were justifiably vocal in expressing opposition to the Orwellian ban of Kelly were noticeably silent when it came to the suspension of other voices on the political right, such as Big League Politics’s Laura Loomer or InfoWars’ Alex Jones.

Waiting to be the last ‘respectable’ conservative or right-winger on the rapidly ossifying and authoritarian platform of Twitter will ultimately prove to be a failed strategy. The radical authoritarian Big Tech oligarchs of San Francisco and Silicon Valley will likely remain unsatisfied until the most milquetoast and white bread voices on the political right are fully purged from their own hegemonic digital platforms.

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