Twitter Shuts Down CJ Pearson, A 15 Year Old Black Trump Supporter

Conservative commentator CJ Pearson’s Twitter account has been removed from the platform. Attempts to go to his page is met by a notice that his page doesn’t exist.

According to screenshots obtained by Republican operative Ali Akbar Twitter banned Pearson due to his age, which they believed is under the minimum required age of 13. But Pearson is 15 years old, which makes the removal of his page suspicious.

Pearson initially reached fame in 2015 on the video-sharing website YouTube, where he shared his conservative, anti-Obama views. Since then he has become a social media powerhouse, with nearly 400,000 likes on Facebook and 135,000 followers on Twitter.

Pearson would regularly share his conservative values, and challenge the views of liberals. Being 15 years old he truly is someone who spoke in terms you wouldn’t imagine somebody his age using. He is highly intelligent, and used his platform on Twitter to put his ideological enemies on blast.

It is very likely that Pearson will get his Twitter account back, as the removal was likely a system error. The question that does arise with his removal is whether the removal was triggered by the actions of leftists who disagree with him. If a large group of his enemies reported him for violating the age requirement, that likely could have resulted in his account’s removal.

Big League Politics will keep you updated on this story.

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