Twitter Suspends @NewsChute In Latest Round of Orwellian Censorship

In the latest round of Orwellian censorship, Twitter has suspended an account linked to alternative tech platform BitChute, in what many are calling a shamelessly anti-competitive move to damage a social media platform that declines to censor right-of-center content.

NewsChute, a news service associated with YouTube competitor BitChute, was banned from the platform on Thursday night.

Twitter appears to be excusing the suspension under a ‘repeat offender’ rule, which mandates that site users previously suspended from Twitter receive new suspensions on any and all accounts they try to start. BitChute had hired journalist Nick Monroe to head the project, a conservative journalist known for in-depth research into leftist conspiracies and mainstream media bias.

Monroe had been suspended from Twitter on his personal account two months ago, allegedly for already evading blanket bans for his Twitter presence. The redundancy of the charges against Monroe raise serious questions, making many question whether he’s being banned for creating new accounts or simply because he’s an inconvenient figure in the eyes of Jack Dorsey and the other milquetoast Silicon Valley neoliberals running Twitter as their personal kingdom.

The action is even more shameless in light of BitChute’s status as a free speech competitor to YouTube, offering a video streaming service open to diverse forms of political speech. YouTube has sought to suppress shoestring content creators for months now, preferring a stale and controlled political media environment in which legacy dinosaur media companies such as MSNBC and CNN are given a generous handicap to peddle their stale content to the public.

It’s possible the ban could be reversed, but Dorsey’s apparent personal grudge against Monroe make it seem less than likely.

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