Twitter Suspends Steve Bannon’s “War Room: Pandemic” Account, Silencing the Popular Podcast

Twitter has suspended Bannon’s “War Room: Pandemic” account without explanation or reason.


Long time ally of President Trump Stephen K. Bannon, along with co-hosts Jason, Raheem Kassam, and Jack Maxey launched “War Room: Pandemic”  in early January as a platform for analysis and updates on the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic.

Many point out that while politicians and the establishment media was consumed by the impeachment story of President Trump in January, those involved with “War Room: Pandemic” were a leading alarm bell  concerning the dangers of the Chinese Coronavirus and the attempted cover up by the Chinese Communist Party.

“If the CCP has that much impact on Jack Dorsey’s team and their decisions they should come out and say so outright. That’s the only explanation. We don’t promote fake news or conspiracy theories. We simply point the fingers of responsibility squarely at the Chinese Communist Party.” said a War Room spokesman.

War Room: Pandemic has played host to leading experts including Dr. Steven Hatfill, Bill Gertz, as well as anti-Chinese Communist Party dissidents.

The show airs daily at 10am-12pm on the John Fredricks Radio Network,, and across social media in the United States.

War Room podcasts have received nearly six million podcast downloads and has been streamed millions of more times across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

The show consistently ranks within the top podcasts in the United States, and is further subtitled in Mandarin and blasted through the Chinese Communist Party’s firewalls into mainland China each day.

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