Twitter Verified Snowflake Has Meltdown Over Police Toy Set Given to Son

A public defender from Brooklyn had a lengthy Twitter meltdown after a PlayMobil set of toys given to his son came with numerous weapons, of which he apparently did not approve.

“Cache of weapons that came with ’s police helicopter/motorcycle given to my son by very well-meaning relatives. 1 gas mask. 3 handguns. 1 Machine gun. 1 baton. 1 asp. 1 set of handcuffs. 1 flashlight. Loves the helicopter. I confiscated the rest. Why are these included?” said Scott Hechinger on Twitter.

Hechinger is a public defender in Brooklyn, which apparently earned him Twitter verification. His bio says that he Tweets from the “frontlines of (in)justice.” He proceeded to freak out over the plastic toys in a Twitter thread, explaining to his audience the ills of the weapons, and how they have been used for evil in real life.

“Approximately 2900 people have been shot dead by police in America since Michael Brown’s killing in 2014,” he said, attaching a photo of the handguns.

“An ‘asp’ is a retractable metal baton used to subdue people with brute force. When an officer broke into my client’s house in 2015 & couldn’t get his asp open, he jabbed him in the back repeatedly w/ the sharp base, taking chunks of skin out of his back. Wounds haven’t healed,” he continued.

Remember, these are plastic toys we’re talking about here. Do you remember when it was okay for little boys to like to guns? I do. Apparently it’s not okay anymore.

Hechinger clutched his pearls over the gas mask that was included in the toy set, too.

“This image. This gas mask. This anonymous officer. In light of what we’ve seen with violent suppression of peaceful protest historically & what we’re hearing & seeing now on the border with agents hurling poisonous gas at unarmed women and children seeking asylum. Too much,” he said.

“Hechinger continued this way for several more Tweets. His thread caught the eye of many conservative commentators, by whom he was relentlessly mocked.

“Children should learn through play about how, as adults, their duties will include the use of weapons to protect themselves, their families, their communities, their Constitution and their country. Or will you have your kid outsources his responsibility as a citizen to others?” said conservative commentator and author Kurt Schlichter.

“Prediction: this virtue-signaling ❄️’s son will grow up to be a sniper with the Marines Corps,” said Sebastian Gorka.

Just another day in progressive America.

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