Twitter’s Orwellian Banning Spree Continues, Equates Moms For Liberty’s ‘Gender Dysphoria’ Tweet To ‘Violence’

Twitter is banning users from saying “groomer.” So of course conservatives are utilizing workarounds and finding nuanced ways to get the message out about trans activists pushing their radical ideology onto children.

One of the latest victims of Twitter’s Orwellian banning spree was Author and mathematician James Lindsay. And another was YouTuber Tim Pool who has been locked out of his account for stating the now obvious: “Twitter actively protects and supports pedophilia.”

“Twitter just locked me out of my account lol. I don’t care enough about twitter for the tweet to stay up so whatever. F*ck you twitter,” Pool later tweeted on Monday.

“The platform is so worthless I dont feel that any tweet I put up matters at all so idc to keep it up however I do think sh*tposting matters and I will keep sh*tposting,” Pool added.

Blue checkmarks on Twitter have routinely dubbed the word “groomer” to mean anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, even though videos are uploaded daily of activists boasting about how they are targeting kids as young as a couple of months about changing their genders.

The infamous Libs of TikTok account has done a fabulous job (as always) of highlighting just how insane and how far some of these groomers will go to push the trans agenda onto children.

She has also consistently reshared content that promotes and justifies drag shows for youth, amongst other disturbing trends that would have been widely regarded as predatory across the US just a few years prior.

The account “Moms for Liberty” has also been suspended recently, pending appeal, for speaking out against the medical gender transition of children.

“Gender dysphoria is a mental health disorder that is being normalized by predators across the USA,” the advocacy group for parents and kids stated.

“California kids are at extreme risk from predatory adults. Now they want to ‘liberate’ children all over the country. Does a double mastectomy on a preteen sound like progress?” they asked.

According to Twitter, Moms for Liberty’s comments violated the platform’s rules against hateful conduct. The person who was responsible for flagging the post labeled it as “violence,” claiming that the rather compassionate words were a threat on the basis of “gender identity.”

All three of these examples give users a good sense of where Twitter stands politically on the trans children issue. And it proves that the platform believes and will enforce the idea that “trans women are women.” Despite any logic against the movement.

Twitter has been clear by its actions: Any opposition to that idea will be silenced and censored.

“Groomer” is just the beginning of this dangerous slippery slope towards protecting and solidifying transgenderism amongst children. Pool might have said it best: “Twitter actively protects and supports pedophilia.”

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